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Event: February 13-16 2008

Fusion Media will be attending the National Home Builder Show (IBS Show) February 13th to 16th, 2008 in Orlando, Florida. We will be located at booth #W5644

Event: February 25-26 2008

Fusion Media is proud to continue its association with The Urban Land Institute (ULI). Fusion will be showcasing many of its market tested innovative products and services at the Developing Resort, Second Home and Golf Course Communities in Phoenix, Arizona.



Welcome to Fusion Media, Inc. Since 1999 our pioneering ideas have transformed a small company into a promotional giant in the world of digital marketing. Our diverse nationwide portfolio of clients now extends worldwide.

The key to our success revolves around three simple principles. First, we spend tremendous energy understanding our clients’ specific goals. Second, we invest all of our resources in transforming abstract ideas into spectacular visuals that are so real you will feel like you can touch them. Third, we pay attention to detail leaving nothing to chance. If it matters to our clients it matters to us.

However, we recognize that every company makes claims of being the best. That is precisely why this site was created, so you can see for yourself. From our Touch Tables to our iPod presentations Fusion can help you achieve the market impact you seek.

Please review the links on this site, and examine our sample presentations in order to catch a glimpse of what Fusion can do for your company. And of course, if you want more we can bring our presentation directly to your office.

*Like most things in life we worry more about our clients than ourselves, so excuse our site while we put the finishing touches on our product demonstrations. Please visit our site again soon.